Wu move back boot star studded jointly create boutique drama (video) haywire

"Wu", jointly create the star studded boot boutique drama Yang Yang shooting "Wu," the starting ceremony held by the Tianjin blue Tencent Entertainment Television Media Co. Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the "blue film"), Youku, Beijing century culture media Co., Ltd. partner Huoerguosi yoursky television media Co., Ltd. jointly produced the famous director. Zhang Li in the TV adaptation directed, "Confessions of a gold network fiction writer energy-saving novel of the same name Wu move back" in Xiangshan in November 14th held the starting ceremony, the famous director Zhang Lixie, starring Yang Yang Zhang Tianai and Wu Chun at the scene. The high value of Yan team ready to join the cast, for the audience in a gas epic shake mountains and rivers. It is reported that the male and female advocate Yang Yang day will officially enter the group shot. High value team ready for the stars Yan cloud create universe myth earlier, "Wu move back" starring Yang Yang, has been the official Xuan, Zhang Tianai, Wu Chun, Shi Xiaolong, Liu Yan and xiaokun2 cable composed of super lineup for the long-awaited fans fans brought no small surprise. The starting ceremony on the same day, "Wu," put heavy, announced that it will be played by Wang Likun and the goddess Ling Qing bamboo, Dong Qing plays Lin Qingtan, Li Xinliang plays Yang Haoyu, Teng puppet master, Siqin Gaowa rock, Zhao Dan Xuan Su soft. High quality idol cast team ready configuration collocation of new generation, together with a gas to shake the rivers of blood of the road. Obviously, "Wu," a Book of characters, stunt, small Lin inflammation, ermine three brothers born in different races, but the character is ready to do boldly what is righteous let them come together, and established a profound friendship in "revolutionary justice on the road". "Wu move back" was adapted into a TV drama is popular, coupled with the huge fan fan base and high quality casting strong support, after the blue pictures will offer a sincere martial arts masterwork shocking fantasy. The young hero to addict "Lin Swordswomen twins" with the legendary "spectrum chivalrous Wu move back" by popular actor Yang Yang and popular actress Zhang Tian’ai starred as soon as he announced the news has sparked heated debate, the book calm Seiitsu Lin Jiao pretty and innocent should Huanhuan finally broke the wall dimension, to meet with the long-awaited fans. It is reported that the "martial universe" will be two people in the world "after you pass" second times in the film and television works, with the tacit understanding based rare. Not only that, high-quality idol Wu Chun to join a strong message has already caused a public hot friends, "the goddess makeup" featuring Wang Likun Zen Ling Qing bamboo is full of surprises, excellent character configuration will bring a hitherto unknown visual feast for the audience. In the play, should be Huan Huan and Ling Qing bamboo is thousands of fans in the eyes of the supreme goddess, pretty and elegant and mature naive "ice poles" attribute collide, two people and men move between sentimental feelings, vowed to accompany more intriguing. "Bright genius" Lin Langtian corner will be shaped into a more three-dimensional and full of "knight errant son" image, and Lin also staged scenes wonderful friend enemy opponent, and become a witness of forest road Hangxia people, become move to achieve the strongest partner on the road to save the common people. Apparently, Yang Yang and Wu Chun are the two high value men between the "brothers".相关的主题文章: