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Xuzhou 8 year old doctor: I have to Dad rather than a life my dad gave me a life, I also want to give my dad a life my dad gave me a life, I also want to give my dad a life in Xuzhou has a 8 year old boy named Cao Yinpeng, because his father suffered from acute leukemia, he can not deny a month weight nearly 20 pounds of bone marrow donation, with little body to win back his father’s life. Recently, the name of the father to help save the public to help the article touched the hearts of the majority of users. Peng father named Cao Lei, 34 years old this year, with mixed acute leukemia ferocious, high fever, pneumonia and diarrhea, just a month’s time, it was overwhelmed by this seven feet tall. Doctors said that if the treatment is not timely, the patient may only survive three months to six months or so. Want to help, to the bone marrow transplant, unfortunately, China bone marrow bank and Taiwan marrow library have matching bone marrow, because Cao Lei is the only child, and parents’ age has exceeded the donation requirements, only hope falls in only 8 year old Cao Yinpeng body, the whole family into a tangle, and sensible Peng Peng but at this time the firm stand out. Cao Yinpeng said the father gave him his life, then let my father to live! In order to reach 90 pounds of donations, only 70 Jin Peng Peng began to gain weight. A winter vacation time, this little guy like blowing a balloon like a fat kid. July 5th, Peng Peng finally came to donate bone marrow for his father’s day. On the same day, the operation was successful. Bone marrow transplantation in the barn, the reporter saw Peng Peng’s father Cao Lei, he told reporters, when I heard that need time, son of bone marrow donation very distressed, the first thought is to give up the treatment, and now, to his son, he must also try to live. Although the surgery was successful, but this is just the first step, the late treatment also need to cost $300 thousand, today, the whole family has been the end of hills and rivers family now the biggest wish, Cao Lei is able to quickly restore health. Source: CCTV, litchi network相关的主题文章: