Xuzhou informed the 12 year old girl to do the progress of the case of the seizure by the seller of www.avtt.net

Xuzhou bulletin 12 year old progress check case: 30 thousand wives were selling original title: Xuzhou bulletin 12 year old progress check case: 30 thousand foreign wives selling abducted girl. Source: "Xuzhou City morning" Beijing October 10 Nanjing Xinhua (reporter Cui Jiaming) 10, the Xuzhou Municipal People’s Procuratorate of Jiangsu province in its official WeChat bulletin "12 year old girl birth case investigation progress: the abducted girl Department of foreign, 30 thousand yuan to sell the suspect Ryu (male, 35 years old, Xuzhou city Copper Mt. District) when his wife. During the national day, a Xuzhou 12 year old girl in the hospital to be seized, suspected of being trafficked in the news of WeChat and micro-blog is widely spread, has aroused widespread concern. After the incident, Xuzhou District of Copper Mt. city procuratorate to handle relevant cases transferred to the district public security organs, quickly arrange the juvenile criminal prosecution departments involved in the case, to guide the investigation, and the juvenile victim rights protection work. Preliminary investigation: the victim Lan Lan (female, since age 12, Vietnamese) in 2014 by the two Vietnamese traders selling to Xixian County Xinyang City, Henan Province eight Li Zhai Cun Cha Xiang Mei, later removed to Copper Mt. real village by the suspect Xiemou (female, 47 years old, Xuzhou city Copper Mt. District) adoption. In 2016 5, June, the suspect Xiemou to the benefit of the victim, Lan Lan introduced to the suspect Liu (male, 35 years old, Xuzhou city Copper Mt. District) when his wife, and the nominal bride demanded 30 thousand yuan in cash. After the suspect Liu and victim LAN to live together as husband and wife, and a sexual relationship, the victim has been 3 months pregnant LAN lan. By October 4th, police suspect Liu Lan Lan to the Xuzhou Fourth People’s Hospital to check with the victim’s body, Quanshan District Public Security Bureau Kui Shan police station the same day the transfer of clues Copper Mt. District Public Security Bureau, Copper Mt. District Public Security Bureau in October 5th on suspicion of crime of trafficking in women and children and buying abducted women and children of the crime suspect Xiemou, Liu the investigation, and in October 6th, 7 of the two people to take coercive measures under criminal detention. (the character is a pseudonym) at present, the case is under further investigation. (end) editor: Wei Jun相关的主题文章: