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You don’t know about what lead: Chardonnay wine grape varieties Chardonnay is one of the most common, for the most favorite Wine lovers. How much do you know about this grape variety? (source: red wine world network) concerned about the public number, there are cavity tune, see more exciting original content! Chardonnay (Chardonnay) is one of the most common wine grape varieties, is favored by most Wine lovers. But about Chardonnay, following you don’t know. Photograph: Rustenberg Wines 1, Chardonnay is in recent years to become popular Chardonnay wine history although hundreds of years, but it is in the past few decades has become a mainstream wine grape varieties. In 1976 the Paris blind product (The 1976 Judgment of Paris), a United States of California (California) Chardonnay Wine anquished Burgundy Chardonnay (Burgundy) Wine, since then, California Chardonnay Wine fame, Chardonnay planting in California area of rapid growth of ten times! Today, the grape variety in the world, with an area of 400000 acres, with its white wine by wine lovers love. 2, Chardonnay is brewing champagne (Champagne) is an important grape variety if you are you will be champagne lovers, love Wine chardonnay. The world’s most famous wine, champagne is the Chardonnay, Hepino (Pinot Noir) and Maunier Pino (Pinot Meunier) brewed. In addition, Italy four famous sparkling wine of Furlong Zia Kodak (Franciacorta) is used to brew black Nuo Hexia chardonnay. Using 100% Chardonnay to brewing champagne is called white champagne white (Blanc de Blancs), the price of this champagne is usually better than the price of high mixed wine champagne. 3, Chardonnay gentle, can make different flavors of Wine Chardonnay are gentle, which contains many of the flavor is not derived from the grape itself, but from the technology of brewing process. For example, Chardonnay Wine in butter and cream flavor is malolactic fermentation (Malolactic Fermentation) the by-product of wine; mud contact can bring bread and yeast for Wine Chardonnay flavor; and the wine of toast and vanilla and coconut flavor is brought about by the aged in oak barrels. 4, Wine Chardonnay was aging oak Chardonnay Wine flavor is elegant, covered with fruit is easy to be heavy oak flavor. Therefore, in order to ensure the purity of fruit, some areas of France Chardonnay from Wine after only slightly aged in oak barrels, and Chablis (Chablis) region is almost no use of oak. California Chardonnay Wine sometimes accompanied by thick oak. Without the oak barrel相关的主题文章: