Zhoukou a teacher put the barrage onto the classroom the students concentrate on the class (video) sweets parade

Zhoukou a teacher put the barrage onto the classroom students to concentrate in class to enter the smart classroom barrage mode, mobile phone can send a barrage of, can’t play games. The students entered the classroom intelligent scan two-dimensional code, barrage mode. Reporter Intern Li Yukun Wen Yang – in today’s | graph core tip campus, everywhere "mobile phone control": class WeChat chat, play games after class, the night back to the dormitory should come up with mobile phone brush circle of friends…… Mobile phone is good, but it also makes people forget the fun of learning a headache. Recently, Zhoukou Normal University, a young teacher developed a smart classroom software, will have the video barrage function into the classroom, effectively prevent the "mobile phone control" have fun. As long as the students take a mobile phone to scan two-dimensional code into the classroom mode, only with the teacher barrage dialogue can’t play games, chat QQ. Moreover, students can "self willed" to speak, not limited to classroom problems, but also with the teacher about school meals, and occasionally talk about the teacher’s hair, etc., making the classroom atmosphere is very active. The innovation of video barrage was moved into the classroom Zhou Libin is a budding young teachers of Zhoukou Normal University, teaching at present as the school of economics and management of 4 professional "management information system". In the first half of this year, his colleagues went to study in the field of foreign studies, to see those institutions in the classroom a strong sense of innovation, teacher-student interaction is very active. Get this information from colleagues, Zhou Libin touched a great deal. "I am also a young man, the lack of innovation is the lack of awareness." Zhou Libin said that after listening to the introduction of colleagues, he began pondering how to make their classroom atmosphere active. Well versed in computer technology Zhou Libin, the first attempt to write procedures, the production of a class of questions in practical application software, but the effect is not obvious, because many students or shy, or have other ideas, always do not actively answer the questions. But Zhou Libin didn’t give up. Once again, the amateur love at the computer video of Zhou Libin, the inspiration from the barrage. In June this year, he started programming, until the new term begins in September, after several debugging of the barrage system he was finally moved into the classroom. In October 21st, Zhou Libin for the 2014 class marketing students. A short hair, a little Jiangxi accent Mandarin, 31 year old Zhou Libin walked into the classroom, the students drew applause and cheers, the atmosphere is like a star on stage. Before the start of teaching, students’ uniform scan two-dimensional code, enter "barrage" classroom teaching, and then you can send message to the projector at any time on the podium. After the barrage of classroom of students’ favorite teacher so handsome today "," teacher rain today, after school to eat Hot pot……" Students with mobile phone, you made him a word from the teacher "across empty propaganda" dense barrage from the projector screen across the classroom, full of laughter. After the beginning of the lecture, the students continue to appear on the projector problems, some say that some details are not clear, and some ask "system analysis" is the concept of what. After Zhou Libin saw, always in the first time to respond. And every time he answered, the students will quietly praise, issued a "human soul engineer";相关的主题文章: