54Alipay cash will charge a service fee of 20 thousand individual users, the amount of free – Beijing|Alipay cash will charge a service fee of 20 thousand individual users, the amount of free – Beijing4

Alipay cash will charge a service fee of 20 thousand individual users, the amount of free – Beijing, Beijing, September 12, Alipay official micro-blog released today "on the part of the Alipay service rules adjustment notice", the announcement said that since October 12, 2016, Alipay will exceed the amount of free for individual users to cash for a certain proportion of service fees, personal a total of 20 thousand yuan per user enjoy the free basic amount of withdrawals, exceed the amount, charge service fees according to the amount of cash 0.1%. Announcements, in addition to cash, the balance of treasure funds transferred out, including transferred to my bank card and transferred to the balance of Alipay will continue to use Alipay for free, consumption, finance, insurance, mobile phone recharge, utility payment, registration, payment of traffic fines, the use of mobile phone Alipay Alipay to transfer accounts, payments and other services will also be continue to be free. Users can also get free access to the ant integral, ant points can be used to redeem the cash withdrawal amount. In addition, Alipay contracted businesses (including Taobao, Tmall sellers) use "cash" products will be Alipay within the balance of money to my bank card will continue to be free. Alipay said in the announcement, the reason is that the "comprehensive management fee costs rise, but the charge does not mean that Alipay will be to make money as the only purpose, will provide a better service.   

04China’s central bank in the middle of the year to open the 28 day reverse repurchase pass leverage i|China’s central bank in the middle of the year to open the 28 day reverse repurchase pass leverage i1

The central bank in the open Chinese 28 day repurchase intention to transfer leverage Beijing in new Beijing on 13 September, (Chen Su) 13, the central bank China opened 60 billion yuan (RMB, same below) 28 days period reverse repurchase operation, this is the first time since February 5th of this year the central bank to restart the 28 day repo, too after a lapse of 4 years for the first time in years to carry out the operation. The same day, the central bank carried out 70 billion yuan 7 days, in the open market 30 billion yuan 14 days and 60 billion yuan 28 day repurchase operation, the 7 day and the 14 day period the interest rate unchanged at 2.25% and 2.4%, 28 day repurchase bid rate down 5 basis points to 2.55%. Since 2013, the 28 day reverse repo are generally issued during the Spring Festival approaching, and the reverse repurchase of the 13 day is the first time in nearly four years in the year appeared in the year of 28. The industry believes that the 28 day of funds in the past during the Spring Festival issued, the continuation of the operation of the central bank in recent years, the recent long short approach, passing out the intention to urge banks to leverage. Since the Mid Autumn Festival and national day is approaching, experts believe that the central bank’s new 28 days reverse repo liquidity period, elongated intentions clear, after the 28 gold talents through to the National Day holiday, the financial pressure on help to reduce late in September, before the release of liquidity guarantee smooth signal. CICC fixed income analyst Chen Jianheng said in an interview with News Agency reporters, near the National Day holiday, 28 days reverse repurchase due to the cross section, more conducive to the capital side is smooth, which may be an important factor to restart the reverse repo 28 days. In addition, with the previous 14 days reverse repurchase restart is the same strain, by extending the investment period, the financial institutions to extend the appropriate guidance funds period and enhance financial capital cost, helps to prevent excessive leverage bonds. In addition, the central bank’s series of actions to improve liquidity in the short term, but also makes the market had a drop quasi hopeless expectations. Haitong Securities analysts pointed out that in August the central bank to restart the repurchase of 14 days instead of lowering the quasi quasi, which means that monetary policy easing short-term delay. The current real estate situation, at the end of the Fed rate hike is still high, both of China’s loose monetary policy constraints. (end)