KMT members Cai Yingwen push jurisprudence independence forced Taiwan was urgent-vidown

Members of the Kuomintang: Cai Yingwen pushed the principle of "independence of Taiwan" forced Taiwan to be urgently unified KMT Taipei city councilor Li Xin. (source: Taiwan "electronic newspaper") original title: Kuomintang councilman: Cai Yingwen pushed "de jure independence" forced by Taiwan emergency system Chinese Taiwan network October 24th news according to Taiwan’s China Times reported that the Taiwan authorities 7 "judge" nominees at least 5 "Pro independence" color strong, KMT Taipei City Councilor Li Xin, Cai Yingwen nominated "Taiwan independence fundamentalists" "justice", in an attempt to "constitutional interpretation" to complete the "de jure independence", confirmed that Cai Yingwen is "double, black and white man" is the Taiwan into the road of death. He said that this will lead to a timetable for the emergence of a sense of urgency in the mainland, and finally forced to be unified Taiwan. According to reports, Li Xin said the rating agency in Taiwan interview, "judge" responsibility to defend the law, these "Pro independence" thought the nominee itself does not have as Taiwan identity "judge" legal guardian, the people on the island can look forward to them? The report pointed out that the Cai Yingwen nominated "Pro independence" justice ", through the interpretation of the constitution" to complete the "legal and peaceful independence", Li Xin said, the move will only accelerate the fall of Taiwan, the mainland’s patience is limited, the so-called "peaceful independence" is wishful thinking, "radical independence" and "gradual independence" results the same. Li Xin worried, Cai Yingwen to promote the principle of independence of Taiwan, Taiwan people continue to manipulate the anti mainland consciousness, so as to cover up her inability to govern. Li Xin said that although may be re elected leader of the Taiwan region, but in the end will be forced to be unified Taiwan! (Taiwan, China network Lu)相关的主题文章:

People’s Daily reported that the new awareness to fully tap the economic benefits of logistics hidde-aptana studio

People’s Daily: new feeling that fully tap the economic benefits – View – logistics logistics is the basis of the national economy, support the development of strategic industries, logistics is an important link of the operation of the national economy. In the running of the national economy, from the supply of raw materials to the sale of goods to the consumer, must go through a series of logistics activities, logistics has great economic benefits in the compressed inventory inventory funds, saving rate, and improve the protection of goods using equipment. All the savings in the world can be regarded as the saving of time, that is, to create more material wealth in unit time. Improvement and development of logistics, can greatly accelerate the speed of commodity circulation, reduce the cost of capital occupation, storage and transportation costs, accelerate the flow of funds, and promote enterprises in the unit time to create more material wealth. China has the world’s largest and most potential logistics market. According to the statistical analysis of supply chain research and consulting company in 2013, China’s logistics market accounted for 18.6% of the global logistics market, more than the United States of the share of 15.8%. With the development of economy and society Belt and Road Initiative "to promote the construction of our country, will increase the amount of logistics. But it should be noted that due to the current understanding of the benefits of logistics is different, the calculation of different caliber, logistics activities scattered, chaotic, small phenomenon, the logistics benefits have not been fully excavated, resulting in a great waste. In 2014, the total cost of logistics in China was 10 trillion and 600 billion yuan, accounting for about 16.6% of GDP in the year, while the cost of logistics in the United States accounted for only about 10% of gdp. If China’s logistics costs can be reduced as much as the United States accounted for 10% of GDP, a year can save $4 trillion and 200 billion. If the logistics industry to create and save two aspects of the benefits are fully excavated, you can benefit more than any one industry. It is a systematic project to further explore the logistics benefits. From the actual development of China’s logistics industry, the key is to build and improve the logistics distribution center. To do this, you need to pay attention to the following two points. To further enhance the importance of warehousing in the central city construction logistics distribution center. The key to create the benefit of logistics lies in the integration and systematization, and its functions must be organically combined in order to fully excavate the relevant economic benefits. At present, some people only pay attention to transport and ignore storage, all kinds of transport facilities development by leaps and bounds, warehousing development is very backward, directly affect the overall logistics benefits. The storage function is not only the storage of goods, as well as the role of the logistics organization, namely in the warehouse where the construction of logistics distribution center, logistics distribution center through the efficient organization of logistics activities, including production ingredients before logistics production logistics and sales after sales after the implementation of reverse logistics, cross regional, cross sectoral, cross district service. In order to improve the efficiency of logistics distribution center in the transportation hub and the main construction material distribution center, which is located in the center of city railway, highway and waterway routes, more developed regions, located in the industrial and agricultural products concentration and diffusion area, located in the vicinity of commercial outlets. Under normal circumstances, these three conditions should be at the same time, but there are exceptions, some of the traffic hub in rural areas can also build logistics相关的主题文章:

Xi Jinping meets with Bangladesh National People’s Congress Chairman Chowdhury – China Network-headache怎么读�

Xi Jinping met with Bangladeshi parliament speaker Chowdhury Beijing People’s daily media platform in Dhaka on 14 October, (reporter Du Shangze) 14, Chinese President Xi Jinping met in Dhaka with the Bangladesh National Assembly speaker Chowdhury. Xi Jinping pointed out that the two countries are good neighbors, good friends and good partners. There are many aspects of the development strategy of the two countries, in the field of pragmatic cooperation complementary. The cooperation between our two countries is an important part of South South cooperation. China attaches great importance to friendly relations and cooperation with Bangladesh, Bangladesh is willing to work with the docking development strategy, determined to promote pragmatic cooperation in key areas, major cooperation projects, close cultural exchanges, the two countries more and more people to enjoy the benefits of cooperation in bangladesh. Xi Jinping stressed that the exchange and cooperation between the two legislatures is an important part of Sino Bangladesh relations. China appreciates Bangladesh’s national assembly attaches importance to developing relations with china. The two countries should strengthen exchanges and dialogue between the two countries to enhance political mutual trust, docking development strategy to expand the basis of public opinion, for the two countries to provide good legal protection in the political, economic, trade, cultural and other fields of exchanges and cooperation. Chowdhury said that President Xi Jinping’s visit to Bangladesh is a milestone in the history of the relationship between Bangladesh and China, the bilateral relations will be raised to a new level. In Bangladesh to achieve national development planning process, looking forward to the "The Belt and Road framework, strengthen cooperation with China in trade, investment, infrastructure and other fields. Bangladesh parliament is willing to strengthen exchanges between the two legislative bodies, to contribute to the development of relations between Bangladesh and china. Wang Huning, Li Zhanshu, Yang Jiechi attended the meeting.相关的主题文章:

Wang Junkai American show fluent English with Matt • co operative (Figure) – China Network ()-g227

Wang Junkai and Matt show fluent English – Damon Cooperation (Figure) – Beijing, Beijing, October 10, according to Taiwan’s ETTV news team captain TFBOYS Wang Junkai buzz, students age from the practice of concern, the new forces for entertainment into the idol. And now he step into the big screen, with Zhang Yimou directing the movie "the Great Wall", recently went to New York to English exhibition publicity, appeared to do self introduction, an opening made the New York sister screaming! Wang Junkai and Hollywood actor Matt Damon attended the forum, played in the moderator, immediately with "Thanks fou coming English!" He first arrived in New York, although the translators to assist, when asked what he wanted to do out, immediately in response to the "Maybe watch the movie English (may go to the movies), fluent standard pronunciation, so that the fans screaming constantly, handsome face the East, with steady conversation, deep foreign fans, nearly 7 minutes of the film immediately pass crazy on the network. Zhang Yimou directed the film "the Great Wall", is the first English pronunciation of the 3D film, describe the British mercenary came in Eleventh Century China, found a huge the Great Wall is being built, Wang Junkai played in the film the young emperor ascended the throne. Movie Trailer recently exposure, aerial view of the picture momentum pounds?.相关的主题文章:

Super express board variety cover favored by the international film business – Sohu Entertainment-windjview

"Super express" to "variety" cover by the international film makers favor Sohu entertainment "super express" to "variety" Sohu cover entertainment news produced by KEMET film action comedy film "super express" have been identified will be released in December 2nd in the domestic film, recently in the American film market (AFM) has the first preview, successfully with many overseas countries and regions signed overseas sale agreement. In the meantime, the concept of the film poster also boarded the top of the United States authoritative entertainment media variety show cover. "Super express" tells the story of a courier in an express delivery parcel in the accident involved in an international war story, in the trailer and film posters released earlier, full of imagination and comedy story, cool blasting action scenes, gorgeous fashion, a large international art scene and the international line of popular star breakthrough comedy unfold. In addition to a comedy actor Chinese strength actor Chen, makeup goddess Song Ji Hyo, from France’s global Parkour founder David Baer is one of the film starring. In addition, Chen has starred in the movie "and" the adventure of the Chinatown Xiao Yang also starred in the film as a special wonderful debut, bring more surprise for the audience laugh. Starred in "go", tumor gentleman "struggle" films such as Li Yuan, Ang Lee Li Chun, senior director of He Saifei, Tai Zhiyuan and xicco recently in the "sparrow" in the eye-catching performance of the Kan Qingzi on film give a surprise performance. As KEMET pictures produced the action comedy, the film was director of photography Alain Duplantier ("4" action, come straight to the point) Cui Dongxian ("quick" and "end"), Pascal Le Guellec (art director "," illegal "deadly" Tehran) and other Hollywood master behind the team, this it will undoubtedly become the film’s quality assurance.相关的主题文章: